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Friends only

My interests are Miura Haruma, Namie Amuro, J dramas and Jpop stuff and Show Luo Zhixiang. :)

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hey, thx for the add~
Luph haruma!!~

*adding u*
That's so sweet of you. Happy Valentine's Day (though I am late :p )! =)
Hey, you seem like an interesting person ^^;
Would you mind me adding you?

Haruma is my biggest interest btw xDDD He's my favourite celebrity ^^ Aside of him, I like J-Dorama and Johnny's... and art! ^^;
Sure! :)
i love Haruma as well :)
added you dear. ;]

and random. i loved miura-kun in koizora so much. made me cry, omg.
Added you back! Thanks! Hee..Miura took most of my time for now.. >

We have the same interest. :D I cater more on Haruma stuffs. hehehe...

and I see you around Miura haruma comm.

btw, add?
sure! :) Added you back.
Hi .... im so sorry for this crazy request but all your Haruma Miura stuff are locked right :( I really want them so bad cuz i love him to death :P can you share them w/ me plz :x
Ok, hope to see you around. Pls see the rules carefully. :)
Added ^^!

I love Harumacchi *Q*!!!

él es asombroso y un muy buen actor!

From Chile =)!

I'm Miura's fangirl.He's the greatest actor .^^I love all his roles.
Can U add me to your friends list?
Sure. :)
Sure, added you back.
Hi there,
I saw your request of Churasan on jdramas community, you can go to silentregrets.com to download this drama.
Thanks! But MU doesn't work for me all the time. :/
Hi! I live Miura Haruma very much and I want to read u)
I speak english very bad, thats why I don't comment u(
Glad to have a Haruma fan here. :) Added you.
Add you!
You're a Haruma's fan *-*!
I love all Haruma's Fan!
he is my favorite Actor♥
my english is not good, because I speak Spanish :P
Added you back. :)
Hello, it's me Cherry-Tea from MiuraHaruma.co.nr! You gave me your LJ awhile ago but I never got around to adding you since I never really fixed mine up till now xD! Anyways, I really hope us Haruma fans can be friends :)
Oops, I forgot about this. But it's better to be late than never! :p Added you back!
Thank you very much for being received in your community ...!
Haruma and Oguri, are preferatii my ...

I speak English very bad, so I can not really comment ...
Thank you for understanding ...
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