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My fan account with F.Cuz

Actually I don't have much things to say but I just want to put this down and perhaps recall te good and bad memories of "chasing idols". :/

Yeah what you see on TV is not a joke. I can "proudly" say that I have stepped out of my cyber world and go all the way to support them. Heh.

It's nothing to boast about because I have seen many other more people who are crazy about them. But I think I should be glad that they have more supporters than I thought though I may think it might not last for long? :/

But not me. I just can't beat them. For those who know my age, will think that I am really insane to do such things at such an age. T_T

We have around 5 people from the non-official fanclub. I guess the rest just don't want to tag along with us. T_T

We made fan boards 2 weeks before they arrive. I am glad that there're fans who are willing to help. ^^

We went to the airport to receive them. It was crazy chasing them in the airport from one end to the other end. I just want to see them IRL. XD A lot manage to get to touch their hands but I am not the lucky one. T T

The next day we queued up to get the first row to show our support. There are lucky fans who get to take photo with them. :) Not me. I don't have such luck and I don't think I want my face to be plastered all over the net! LOL

On the day of the concert, we queued again to get the first few rows. It was a crazy night. Totally. Jrock and Kpop! <3 The boys did not disappoint me at all. I wish I wasn't holding the camera and should have watched them "live". I love their songs, I love their friendliness towards the fans. YES! I managed to get my favourite member, KAN to wave at me when I called out to him. I was so "impolite" as I was calling out to him when the host was interviewing them. XD We didn't manage to get to the front so yeah they can't see us clearly too. :/

Later, my friends frantically waved at the boys with the fan boards during the finale and yes two of them waved at us! :D I wasn't with my friends to support them as I was busy filming again. =.= Argh.

We were all tired but happy. :D

Then came the last day, we went to the airport to send them off. Seriously I never done such things before. So yeah I waited eagerly for them to arrive and was a bit nervous to see them IRL again! XD
But then came the ugly incident. Crazy fans are crazy fans. :/ They are tired but we keep shouting to them. :/ Running after them and shouting at the same time.

Then there's one girl who "slapped" on one of the members' LeeU's back and asked him to turn around and there she flashed her phone? camera? at his face. Me and my friends really want to "slap" her too. :/ :/ I can't remember the actual incident because I was too shocked to see so many people chasing after him, even to the extent of grabbing his back in order to make him turn around. :/
Poor boy. I was sad to see that our own people are such a bunch of rude people. :/

But later I tried to make them to see my fan board but there are too many people and too many walls. I got sepearated from my friends but later I found them and only to make KAN turn around and he waved at us. That was like only a few seconds. =.= But later Maknae (youngest member), YeJun saw my wave and he waved back at us! :)

The rest is history as I can't forget them till now? XDD I am trying though. XDD

PS: Not sure if I will support them till the end but I will try. Hope their next album will not disappoint me. :)


Lol it's good that you didn't freak out. I wonder how old those girls were. Such behavior is... :/ from anyone. I don't get the treating celebrities like objects thing. I really don't.

Good you had fun and were a SANE fan! XD
I believe I wasn't sane when they went back to Korea. XDD I had withdrawal symptoms! LOL I think I am just contented to look them from afar.

They are definitely teenagers. Probably in high school. I met fangirls who are just in their junior high. :/

I don't know but celebrities don't come here that often and you know fangirls. =.= We can't stop them from being "crazy". It's really like watching a "live" show, you know TV always show how crazy fans are, the shouting, crying, fainting. :/

There are fancams everywhere if you search in YT. :/ I don't dare to watch the departure fancams cos I don't want to see their tired faces and the crazy fans. :/ :/ The maknae was very nice and bowed to the fans when they left and in the depature hall, he still had to "entertain" the fans. Poor boy! T T