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You just gotta love them!!!

Please recognise their talents, if not, their personality! :p

All the information about them - http://ribambelles.livejournal.com/73142.html They need more love and support! :)

FCuzSG forum http://s1.zetaboards.com/FCUZSG/index

FCuzSG Twitter http://twitter.com/FcuzSG

After their promotion in Macau, HK and Taiwan, they will be coming to Singapore this month! :D

After that, they will be going to Japan in August and September. There's even a F.Cuz fanclub!

Subbing volunteers needed!

Hi, I am currently the Chinese translator of FCuzSG forum - username chill. We are in need of subbers for F.Cuz's video clips.

Please leave me a note here if you want to help! :)


I'll help!

No, totally joking!


But I guess I'll check them out some more. :D Btw, if you ever need something from me, don't hesitate to ask! For example, I can make you F.cuz .gifs or something.

Re: I'll help!

LOL! >< I thought you were saying you were talking about Namie's tweeter. XDDD

Thanks! I will let you know if I ned anything. :)

Re: I'll help!

I'm a bit indifferent to that idea. XD I don't think us harassing the avex twitter for example would work because idk if she wants to make a twitter she'll probably do it eventually..

Oh yeah, I go on vacation next Friday, so if you need anything before then..

Re: I'll help!

I thought so, especially when she is a private? person. :P

Sure. Have fun!! :D