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My review of Live Style 2011

I watched this during last weekend. With less expectation since Past Future, I guess fangirling for 15 years or so makes me feel at ease whenever Namie comes up. Again she never fails me. I don't feel much excitement as before but I quite enjoyed What A Feeling, Wonder Woman, Blackout. Watching Blackout reminds me of how Namie sound good too in rapping! Oh god. I missed her rapping so much. I find myself singing to Wonder Woman, Fight Together and Arigatou. I actually teared during Fight Together! I don't know why perhaps it reminded me of 311. T_T But I really love the center stage where she smiled a lot whenever it's a fast or slow number. She is not stoned to me at all. LOL. I'm looking forward to her new album. I need more surprises. :) PS: The Chinese subtitles distract me for a while but I realise how good the lyrics are. No wonder so many women/girls look up to her. :)))