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Jan. 13th, 2020


Friends only

My interests are Miura Haruma, Namie Amuro, J dramas and Jpop stuff and Show Luo Zhixiang. :)

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Mar. 22nd, 2015



I have known them since Koukhaku 1996! and decide to make my bias to Shingo upon listening to him singing Shiyoyou on SxS? I was never into them but later I was into Takuya (Captain)'s voice in Shiosai.

He is too dazzling to be ignored.

Now all of my biases are into hiatus so here I am, digging up their old shows etc.

Now I like their old songs too! Haha.

And my biases still never change (still Shingo and Captain probably - he is just too active during some shows).

Wish I can attend their concert one of these days.

Oct. 2nd, 2013


Da Pump

Erm, after 4 years, I am into them again. T_T I missed them so much so much especially Shinobu. T_T ISSA is a jerk. Ken is talented. Yukinari...

Time will never go back. How they have grown so much and how I remember why I didn't stan them. Because of Jay Chou. He was so huge that time that I never looked at them since 2001..T_T

I still like their songs so much. ISSA's voice is so powerful (though he sucks personally).


Jul. 8th, 2012

red lips

Amuro night in SG!

OMG!! I'm in the vid!!

Namie was totally dancing to her songs. Her manager..? was dancing to Twinkle SNSD before the performance starts. She is real cool!

I totally didn't regret going to the hotel to stalk her, and to the airport and last to Dragonfly.

So, we went in at around 9pm so there weren't a lot of people and this club/pub is mainly for C-POP etc goers. So no English songs at all, they all spoke Mandarin. Totally. XD

So, I had to laugh at the Ojisan who stood on stage to dance to the music when no one is there. He is great though, with two other Ojisans. There were 2 Japanese? ladies behind me and they laughed and laughed when the Ojisan approached them. WTF.

So the singing and dancing continued. It was nothing like the clubs here especially Zouk. There were tables and chairs and of course liquor. I couldn't drink them so I just went in and I was really really close to the stage. I saw YUSUKE! He was kakoii (with his usual tongue playing thingy while dancing lol).

I thought I looked like a countrygirl who has never been into the outside world XDD

What I can remember is that we were dancing to her songs but there was no one on stage yet. All her dancers were preparing I guess, Namie was just drinking and dancing to her songs. Then after that the performance started.

Nope, she didn't come down to the stage and after the performance ended, it went on for a while and she left at around 12midnight. But her staff and dancers stayed till around 2am...?

Her other fans who were following her got to know of her rest "pattern". She will everyday returned to the hotel at around 11pm so now we all know that she sleeps early...? XD

And I manage to see her at the hotel and shouted for her but she didn't see us and went into the van.

PS: The apple video title was "Namie Amuro is starting to age and fans are shocked" LOL

Edit: Yes I remembered that her manager wanted her to dance a lot in the beginning, then she got shy (cute) and just wave her body.

Jan. 10th, 2012


F.Cuz Comeback

I am excited ! With 2 new members, I actually can’t wait to welcome them. Heehee.

I guess I’m more towards Raehyun. I don’t know..who knows Daegun’s voice may win me over! XD

My review of Live Style 2011

I watched this during last weekend. With less expectation since Past Future, I guess fangirling for 15 years or so makes me feel at ease whenever Namie comes up. Again she never fails me. I don't feel much excitement as before but I quite enjoyed What A Feeling, Wonder Woman, Blackout. Watching Blackout reminds me of how Namie sound good too in rapping! Oh god. I missed her rapping so much. I find myself singing to Wonder Woman, Fight Together and Arigatou. I actually teared during Fight Together! I don't know why perhaps it reminded me of 311. T_T But I really love the center stage where she smiled a lot whenever it's a fast or slow number. She is not stoned to me at all. LOL. I'm looking forward to her new album. I need more surprises. :) PS: The Chinese subtitles distract me for a while but I realise how good the lyrics are. No wonder so many women/girls look up to her. :)))

Aug. 10th, 2010


My fan account with F.Cuz

Actually I don't have much things to say but I just want to put this down and perhaps recall te good and bad memories of "chasing idols". :/

Yeah what you see on TV is not a joke. I can "proudly" say that I have stepped out of my cyber world and go all the way to support them. Heh.

It's nothing to boast about because I have seen many other more people who are crazy about them. But I think I should be glad that they have more supporters than I thought though I may think it might not last for long? :/

But not me. I just can't beat them. For those who know my age, will think that I am really insane to do such things at such an age. T_T

F.Cuz in SG!Collapse )

Aug. 2nd, 2010


29 July - 1 August

Ok now I know the power of fans. I don't think I will be that crazy anymore. T_T But it's an experience? O_O

At least I managed to see them IRL and show my utmost support. Seriously all those girls out there do they know even know their names?! Geez. *roll eyes*

*goes back to reality*

PS: yep I went to watch F.Cuz live when they are here. :P

Jul. 13th, 2010



You just gotta love them!!!

Please recognise their talents, if not, their personality! :p

All the information about them - http://ribambelles.livejournal.com/73142.html They need more love and support! :)

FCuzSG forum http://s1.zetaboards.com/FCUZSG/index

FCuzSG Twitter http://twitter.com/FcuzSG

After their promotion in Macau, HK and Taiwan, they will be coming to Singapore this month! :D

After that, they will be going to Japan in August and September. There's even a F.Cuz fanclub!

Subbing volunteers needed!

Hi, I am currently the Chinese translator of FCuzSG forum - username chill. We are in need of subbers for F.Cuz's video clips.

Please leave me a note here if you want to help! :)

Jun. 8th, 2010



I am soo addicted to this song!! I will probably buy it with Namie's CD just to support them. Hopefully it's still available by then!


Debuted in 8 Jan 2010 and they are called F.Cuz aka Focus. 4 members with an average age of 19 years old.

Btw they are coming here too but you gotta pay an entrance fee of S$118! O_O

check out the other two versionsCollapse )

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